A couple of years ago one of Gordon's students, Roger Bridges, realized very little was known about this remarkable man who has meant so much to so many people as a teacher and as a director.  So he began work on a documentary that continues to this day. 

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Documenting A Master

"I've been incredibly fortunate to be able to earn a living while essentially receiving an education in acting from Gordon. I'm a better actor because of Gordon and for that I will always thank him" --Nolan North, actor ( Star Trek: Into Darkness, Uncharted 1, 2 & 3, Pretty Little Liars

"Gordon Hunt has given me the faith, courage and focus to manifest my dreams as both an actor and a writer. Ten years ago, when I joined his master class, I had no idea how to move forward in an art that only seemed to me a gruesome business. He put the 'heart' back into the world of auditions and acting. He honed my confidence and skills and made me aware of my own inner power to make things happen. He is a master acting teacher, intuitive and caring. He is a genius as helping a person realize and achieve their goals. When I met Mr. Hunt, my life changed in a way I would never have imagined. I am an award winning playwright and I consider my work with Gordon to be the foundatiion of all my work." --Keliher Walsh, actress, writer (Year of the Rabbit) 



"For the past 40+ years, Gordon has taught a Master Acting class in Los Angeles that has produced the likes of CSI's Robert David Hall, Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks, and Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt.  Gordon's influence in the world of entertainment media is well docuimented but not well known."

--Roger Bridges, actor, writer, director, producer