He brings the authority of immense experience when he works with class on audition and interview techniques.


Sometimes it's the small habits that have crept into an actor's style that need to be shaken loose. Whatever the reason, if an actor feels stuck, Gordon has an exercise to guide them to present time.

​"Any actor at any level would benefit from time spent working with Gordon. His keen eye is invaluable in beginning or advanced scene study." --Jeff Greenberg, casting director (Modern Family, Ugly Betty, Frasier, Cheers).

Gordon Hunt's vast experience in television and theatre, voiceovers and performance capture is in full evidence by the variety of work that he invites actors to explore. Students can dig deeply into Shakespeare as well as scenes from film and television. Opera is not unknown in the workshop, and original writing is highly encouraged.

Working on Craft - Developing a Toolbox

"I have learned so much from working with Gordon Hunt. The value of specifics, breath & how to really look at an audition scene with greater depth. Gordon's positive approach to the audition process gave me confidence and joy about entering a room & having the courage to trust myself with scene work.  So proud to be able to call Gordon first teacher, then mentor, and finally friend."

--Emily Rose (Haven, Uncharted 1, 2 & 3, ER, Jericho).


But more than preparation and technique, he teaches the importance of energy and fun. 

If you don't enjoy yourself and what you're doing while auditioning, neither can the people whose job it is to hire you!

Sometimes it's the simple, obvious things a seasoned actor forgets in the rush to prepare and perform.

Gordon Hunt begins each class with an exercise designed to loosen up the actor, develop craft, look at where emotions exist in the body, or sharpen auditioning skills. Then comes the work. After each scene, monologue, or song, Gordon will ask the actor to talk about their performance. This is done to teach the actor to take responsibility for his or her work.

These are the tools, techniques, or tricks used to get actors out of their fears and into present time.